learn to move freely with me

Stretching – Everyone knows they should do it, but not everyone has the patience. Despite understanding the benefits of stretching, many either:

Get injured by yanking their bodies into awkward positions and dismiss load vs capacity. This has been known to happen in the pole world when we attempt Bird of Paradise, Rainbow Marchenko, Buibui.

Don’t necessarily know how to stretch and/or believe there is only one way of stretching. I.e. Aerialists opting for contortionist flexibility type of training and not realizing your body may respond better to another approach.

Trying to make years of stretching and flexibility training happen overnight. Those in maintenance mode have the physicality to speed up the process, however if you’re not genetically flexible it can take over 3 months.

If you are ready to put in the work I can help you with:
· Mobility and movement training
· Strength and Conditioning
· Aerial acrobatics
· Injury Management